Performance Testing

We help you identify performance shortfalls compared to industry standards and the competition and recommend improvements to meet and exceed current and future requirements.

Project Stages

  1. According to the available access logs or predicted use of the infrastructure, we simulate the behavior of visitors as close to reality as possible and conduct load-testing of the site using the Yandex.Tank tool.
  2. Together with the client we will design and maintain the methodology and load testing process. As a result of several iterations, each lasting up to 24 hours, we find infrastructure “bottlenecks” (e.g., suboptimal requests to databases, large number of requests to external resources, inefficient cache).

Service Results

  • We will determine the actual load limit (the number of visitors and simultaneous server requests) that a site can tolerate with the current architecture and hardware configuration.
  • Based on the test results, a report is provided that includes an explanation of the testing methodology, records of the testing process, system logs stored during the load testing period, analysis of the "bottlenecks" in the infrastructure, and recommendations for updating/modifying the infrastructure.

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