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We are a full-cycle website infrastructure management company focusing on website performance. We help you to optimize your website and distributed applications for performance, reliability, security, and manageability.
We audit your existing infrastructure, identify problems, and work with you to fix them. Then our on-call team monitors your systems 24/7, works with your current personnel to respond to incidents, and stays on the case until resolution. With SLAs of minutes - not hours.

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Initial Assessment

Monitoring System Audit

We review your current monitoring systems and recommend changes and the adoption of best practices. You will know about problems immediately - and have the information needed to fix them.

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Website Infrastructure Audit

We assess your stack and recommend the software and configuration changes that will modernize it with minimum disruption. Your website and applications become more manageable, maintainable, and secure.

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Performance Testing

We help you identify performance shortfalls compared to user feedback, industry standards, and the competition. We recommend and help implement improvements to meet and exceed current and future requirements.

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DevOps Professional Services

We support existing DevOps staff and provide DevOpsProdigy personnel, onsite or remotely. Includes off-hours, all-hours, peak period, and vacation support, all with tight SLAs.

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Kubernetes Implementation

We help you implement Kubernetes for infrastructure management. The results include easier deployments and a uniform management interface on all kinds of infrastructure, in the cloud and on your own servers.

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Operations and monitoring

Smart Start

Basic plan for smaller projects: 24/7 technical support, 30-minute response time, implementation and control of backups and data protection, basic system administration.

Professional Plan

Standard plan for smaller projects: 24/7 technical support, 15-minute response time, implementation and control of backups and data protection, basic system administration, dedicated support engineer.

CI/CD Plan

Extended package: everything above, plus management and support of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes, implementation of rules for deploying infrastructure using IaaC methodology, and ongoing tuning. Professional Services engagement.

All Inclusive

A tailored solution for larger customers and extensive projects: all of the above services, provided by a dedicated team, with full support of infrastructure and applications at all stages. May include training and custom software development.


Our clients range from small shops to large enterprise systems

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  • Thomas de Toledo Thomas de Toledo
  • Jake Diner Jake Diner
  • Gary A. Fowler Gary A. Fowler
  • Mark Peters Mark Peters
  • Vasiliy Salomatov Vasiliy Salomatov
  • Sasha Segal Sasha Segal
  • Igor Gonebnyy Igor Gonebnyy
  • Alexander Tamplon Alexander Tamplon

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