The team is always available and very skilled

The team at DevOpsProdigy is always available and very skilled. In the face of challenges, they always came back with the right solution. The amazing thing with DevOpsProdigy is that we have a real partner that takes care of our infrastructure. This way we can focus on improving our product without having to worry about our servers.
Thomas de Toledo
# Culture Whisper, UK

DevOpsProdigy is always there for us with 24/7 coverage

Offloading DevOps responsibilities from our R&D team was the best call we made to optimize our engineering resources. DevOpsProdigy is always there for us with 24/7 coverage. Their team is very knowledgeable and very responsive to all our changes and requirements. Great guys to work with as we scale up!
Jake Diner
# Elafris, USA

We know that, if we will come across any issues, these issues will probably already have been solved by DevOpsProdigy

The team quickly understood the entire infrastructure (which included Consul, Docker, and Ansible), solved some problems with the support of cloud providers (Azure) and also helped with database transfers (MongoDB), which helped Findo cut costs and simplify the infrastructure.
Gary A. Fowler
# Findo/Yva.ai, USA

As a result, the downtime tends toward zero

DevOpsProdigy has proven to be professional and reliable. Working with them has saved us money, but most importantly time and peace of mind. Our reliance on them to monitor servers, handle backups and deal with any outages has enabled us to concentrate on our core business and take care of our customers in the manner they expect and deserve.
Mark Peters
# Anychart, USA

DevOpsProdigy allows us to be worry-free about our infrastructure

The DevOpsProdigy team has so much practical experience with technical businesses like ours, we chose to outsource the entire process, knowing it would be well-handled. In addition, the ability to predict what might go wrong is invaluable.
Vasiliy Salomatov
# AppsGeyser, USA

I've never seen a more professional MSP integrator

During the onboarding process, DevOpsProdigy was very quick and professional. They assigned the best of their staff to learn the existing infrastructure, and were able to start fully supporting us in two days. They established knowledge sharing among their teams, allowing a "no single point of human" approach. That means we aren't subject to shifts on holidays — there's always an experienced engineer available for us.
Sasha Segal
# MemeGlobal, Israel

I know that everything is under control with DevOpsProdigy

I really enjoy working with DevOpsProdigy; they truly give me peace of mind. I know that everything is under control 24/7, and they can solve any unexpected situation if it happens.
Igor Gonebnyy
# GeoZilla, USA

It's very convenient working with DevOpsProdigy

We feel much more confident offering our customers uninterrupted gameplay with 24/7 support; plus, we spend less time on infrastructure and more time on developing awesome games. It's very convenient working with DevOpsProdigy, and always a pleasure working with professionals – especially experienced professionals.
Alexander Tamplon
# Enterra Solutions, USA

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